What makes Wilson Plumbing and Pool right for you?

In addition to Wilkesboro, NC, we also serve Winston Salem and Statesville, NC. We offer quality installations and dedicated service at affordable prices. Our 20 years of experience in the pool industry sets us apart from the competition. As plumbers, we are licensed and insured so you don't have to worry about anything going wrong.

We even offer free estimates on our services. Residential and commercial clients alike can feel comfortable choosing us. Call (336)-488-0152.

Get Ready for Swim Season in Wilkesboro, NC and the surrounding Winston Salem, NC and Statesville, NC areas

turn to us for swimming pool services

Your swimming pool can give you years and years of fun. It also requires a lot of upkeep and maintenance. Fortunately, you don't have to do it yourself. Wilson Plumbing and Pool, LLC offers extensive swimming pool services. We'll make sure your pool is in tiptop condition.

You can trust us to take care of:

Call (336)-488-0152 now to request our swimming pool services in Wilkesboro, NC, and the Winston Salem, NC and Statesville, NC areas

Stay warm with our water heater services

There's nothing more soothing than a hot shower. There's also not much more alarming than when your shower water suddenly turns ice cold. If there's a problem with your water heater, you're going to have some complications with showers, washing machines and handwashing. We'll provide the water heater services you need.

We can inspect your water heater to figure out what's wrong with it. Then, we'll perform any necessary repairs and maintenance to get your water heater working again. If you need a whole new heater, we can provide water heater replacement services.

Call (336)-488-0152 today to ask about our water heater services in Wilkesboro, NC.